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Moonlight White tea derives its name from the production method. This tea is a kind of puer tea which adopted the production process of white teas produced in Fujian. Two leaves and a bud are harvested and processed in a way that the buds and leaves are pure white on the outside and jet black on the other side, resembling the moon. In addition, harvesting and production are timed so that they process the tea under the full moon, as it is believed that the moonlight contains special energy. 

Harvest Date: 2019

Origin: Jinggu, Yunnan

Cultivar: Camelia Taliensis

Tea Leaves: bud and two leaves 

Dry Leaf Color: white face, black back, clear color

Soup color: clear, pale yellow

Aroma: floral aroma

Taste: earthy, sweet and mellow


Yue Guan Bai

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