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Who we Are

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New York Tea Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to facilitate gatherings of tea enthusiasts in order to assist in the growth of the tea community. 


Anyone who has been bitten by the ‘tea bug’ can attest to the fact that the more they learn about tea, the more there is to learn about tea.  Each answered question opens up many more unanswered questions.   


New York Tea Society's membership consists of tea enthusiasts who are on the never-ending quest to learn about tea, teawares, and tea culture. We gather together to taste and discuss green, white, oolong, black, and puer teas from China, Taiwan, Japan, and India. We visit tea houses, tea events, road trips and have tea socials at each other's homes. 


Whether you are very new to the tea world or have been learning about tea for many years, if you enjoy tea in any way, and spend some time in New York City, then New York Tea Society welcomes you. 


New York Tea Society is also working on getting group discounts from tea related businesses for our members.  If you own a business and would like to create a special offer for New York Tea Society members, please Contact Me.


The only requirement for membership in the New York Tea Society is a genuine passion for all things tea. 

We hope to meet you soon.



The members highlighted below have all demonstrated true team spirit in helping to build the tea community by volunteering in the roles designated below their names.  They are the core support team behind New York Tea Society's success in growing the tea community.








I am the proud founder of the New York Tea Society.  Tea has become an unexplainable obsession in my life which I have ceased to try to explain long ago.  I have been a successfully employed chef since 1989.  As a chef, flavors, textures, and aromas have become second nature to me.  Cooking and tea came together for me in 1994 when I became the apprentice of a chef who enjoyed using tea as an ingredient in his recipes.  Admittedly, at the time, it was more tisanes and herbal teas such as chamomile, earl grey, mint tea, and jasmine tea, which were more common on the market, however, it did begin to open up my world of tea knowledge.  I was soon exploring on my own and discovering other green, red, and oolong teas. 


It wasn't until  2011 that I was introduced to pu'er tea by a friend, and my world would never be the same.  My taste of a 35-year-old aged sheng pu'er led to a trip to China, where I discovered other teas such as longjing tea, da hong pao, sheng, and shu puer, and most importantly, I discovered gongfu cha! I spent my time there in tea circles enjoying the wonderful world of gongfu cha. 


Upon my return to New York City, I quickly realized that it would not be easy to find others to share tea, teaware, and tea stories with.  I decided to open a Meetup group, expecting to find maybe 12 or so members to geek out over tea with.  To my surprise, I quickly found myself surrounded by the wonderful NYC tea community and am now introducing myself to you!  I hope to meet you very soon and share tea together.  



Executive Director








Kingston Lam is the owner of Orchid Tea House, where he sells, trades, and collects antique teaware from the Song Dynasty thru to the Chinese Republic Era. His passion for tea and tea culture has led him to gather a large collection of teaware in NYC. 

Kingston is currently the Executive Director at NYTS,  a role that keeps him busy expanding the tea community by planning, organizing, leading, and hosting the many events and gatherings which NYTS offers.


Recruiting Director








Victor Leung is a Native New Yorker who grew up in New York City’s Chinatown since the late ’60s.  As a child, Victor’s parents would often bring him to Chinese restaurants for dim sum or yum cha, where he would enjoy drinking cheap pu'er (po lay in Cantonese).

In 2010, Victor’s interest in tea led him to become a passionate and active member of the tea community after an IT colleague, who was also a member of the original NYC Tea Club,  invited him to a tea gathering,  where Victor was introduced to the Chinese gongfu tea ceremony.  It was at the tea gatherings with the NYC Tea Club that Victor met Kingston Lam, owner of Orchid Tea House and Executive Director of NYTS, and the rest, as they history


Victor is currently the Recruiting Director at NYTS and is known as the ‘Chinese Loose Tea Evangelist’, a title he earned because of his love of connecting tea people from around the world.  Victor is the driving force behind connecting tea professionals, tea educators, and tea vendors as guest speakers for the NYTS’s weekly International Tea Discussions.

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