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Lishan tea is known as the “King of Teas.” Its exceptionally pristine and fruity fragrance is not found in other Taiwan teas. It is one of the higher priced, premium High Mountain teas, produced in limited quantities with spring and winter harvests only.


Harvest Date: Winter 2016

Growing Region: Lishan (Pear Mountain), Taichung County, Taiwan

Elevation: 2,400 m (7,874 ft

Tea Bush/Varietal: Ching Xin

Grade: AAAA

Also known as: Gaoshan Cha; High Mountain tea

Farming Methods: Natural farming techniques, hand picked, low pesticide

Production: Ball rolled Oolong




SKU: T002

    Amount of Water:                         110 ml

    Water Temperature:                   195°F

    Amount of Tea:                              3 grams

    Steeping Time:                        30s/30s/45s/45s/1m/1m

    # of Infusions:                                  1 rinse, 6 steeps

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