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Jin Xuan (Golden Lily) is the Oolong varietal that has a natural subtle milk-like aroma and taste and is the tea that is usually used to create the popular Milk Oolong tea. We supply several natural Jin Xuan Oolong teas as well as flavor enhanced varieties.

Alishan Jin Xuan is the cream of the crop of our natural Jin Xuans. The subtle, nutty milk aroma created naturally by the JinXuan tea varietal grown in the ideal conditions on the slopes of Alishan mountain in central Taiwan, makes this a tea of choice for many Oolong tea lovers.


Jin Xuan Oolong was discovered in 1981 by “Father of the Taiwan tea” –Dr. Zhen Zhe Wu who was the former president of TRES (Tea Research and Extension Station). It took 21 years of researching & developing to perfect this tea strain. It was a big part of “re-creating the tea market” in the 1980s and Jin Xuan tea became very popular during this time. Since then Jin Xuan Oolong tea has become one of the main tea strains in Taiwan. The tea farming regions in Nantou county are the most famous areas for growing lower elevation Jin Xuan tea. The best, higher elevation Jin Xuan, however, is in the Alishan mountain region. It is a thick tea leaf with a unique and natural, light milky fragrance and a buttery, creamy taste. This tea is semi-oxidized & lightly roasted.


Harvest Date: Spring 2016

Growing Region: Alishan mountain, Jiayi county, Taiwan

Elevation: 800-1,200 m (2,625-3,937 ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal:  Jin Xuan

Grade: AA


Also known as: Nai Xian; Golden Lily, Milk Oolong
Farming Methods: Natural farming techniques. Low pesticide
Production: Ball rolled Oolong. 15-20% Oxidized


Jin Xuan - Milk Oolong

SKU: T001

    Amount of Water:                         110 ml

    Water Temperature:                   195°F

    Amount of Tea:                              3 grams

    Steeping Time:                        30s/30s/45s/45s/1m/1m

    # of Infusions:                                  1 rinse, 6 steeps

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