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Harvest Location: Fenhuang Shan, Guandong, China

Harvest Date: Spring 2021

Cultivar: Yu Lan Xiang

Dry Leaf: Roasted Strip Curls

Flavor: Magnolia


Fenghuang Dan Cong (Phoenix Single Bush) is an infamous oolong tea that originates from Fenghuang Shan (Phoenix Mountains) located in Chaozhou, Guandong Province, China. Dancong literally translated means "single bush". There are many different varieties of dancong oolong, each with its own, unique flavor profile.



“Yu Lang Xiang” translates to “Magnolia Fragrance” in English. The leaves give off the strong fragrance of magnolia. It has a long lasting fragrance which can be enjoyed even after it is infused many times.

It is a floral, sweet-scented, delicious tea.

Fenhuang Dancong - Yu Lan Xiang

  • Vessel: Gaiwan

    Tea Amount: 4 grams

    Water Amount: 100 ml

    Water Temperature: 212 F

    Number of Infusions: 7-10

    Steeping Time: Rinse/3s/5s/5s/10s/20s/30s/40s/1m/2m

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