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Place of Origin: Kun Lu Shan, Pu'er, Yunnan

Vintage: 2017 Spring

Tea Varietal: Camellia sinensis var assamica

Harvest Time: Mid March

Flavor: Floral, fresh and mellow with a sweet aftertaste.

Liquor: Clear golden-yellow liquid

This Kun Lu Shan Raw Pu'er Tea Cake was made of tea leaves harvested from 100-300 years old ancient arbor tea trees in the Late-March 2014 in Ku Lu Shan Mountain.


Kun Lu Shan, a part of the extension of Wuliangshan Mountains, administratively belonging to Kuan Hong Village, Lin'er Township, Lin'er Hanni and Yizhu Autonomous County, Pu'er City, Yunnan Province, lies 31 kilometers to the north of the urban area of Pu'er County. At an elevation between 1410 and 2271 meters above sea level, the main body of Kun Lu Shan extends for more than 10 kilometers from the north to the south and several kilometers from the east to the west. Kun Lu Shan is covered with thick trees and has nice scenery. Mainly located at the two villages: Fengyang Village and Baxiang Village, the ancient tea gardens are estimated at 10122 mu (about 675 hectares) in total, among which 1939 mu (129 hectares) categorized as semi-cultivated type exist in the primeval forest of Kuan Hong Village, Lin'er Township. Kun Lu Shan Mountain, boasting about its more than 10000 mu ancient tea garden and believed to be one of the royal tea gardens during the Qing Dynasty, is now praised as"the museum of tea tree". The recorded NO 3 ancient tea tree growing here, about 25 meters in height and 2.53 meters in diameter is the biggest human-cultivated tea tree ever found.

2017 Kun Lu Shan Sheng Pu'er

SKU: P017
  • 5-8 gr of tea per 150 ml boiling water, 1 rinse, 5 second infusions, up to 20 infusions

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