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Harvest Date: 2021

Harvest Location: Nanyang Zhongcun Village, Zhangping, Fujian Province


Zhangping Shuixian is a rare Oolong tea from southern Fujian Province. Zhangping Shuixian is one of the few examples of pressed oolong teas. It is unique in that its large leaves and stems are compressed into a small square. The craft of making Zhangpian Shuixian oolong has been passed down over five generations.  Its oxidation level is much lighter than other shuixian oolong processing methods. This great and rare Shuixian oolong is made in the traditional manner and pressed into a small square cake of about 10g. This is a famous and traditional method that is specific to Zhangping.

Zhangping Shuixian

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