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Harvest Date: April 2016

Harvest Location: Wenshan, Pinglin District, Yilan County, Taiwan

Elevation: 600 m (1,968 ft)

Cultivar: Ching Xin Oolong

Dry Leaf: 10% oxidized, with a very light roast. Light rolling and drying. Strip shape – not ball rolled


Baozhong is the most lightly oxidized of Oolong teas (10%-15% only). Almost resembling a green tea but has a more pronounced fragrance and deeper taste than green tea. Our Wenshan Baozhong offers a delightfully sweet, lightly creamy taste and pleasant floral aroma

The name Baozhong means “paper wrapped” which is how it was distinctively packaged in the early days; The tea was wrapped in five-ounce packs in paper made from cotton and dried by baking. But now with airtight preservation techniques, the tea has developed a more modern character. Baozhong tea is a lightly oxidized Oolong tea with some similar characteristics to Green tea It is processed with a light rolling and drying.



Wenshan Baozhong

SKU: T007

    Amount of Water:                         110 ml

    Water Temperature:                   195°F

    Amount of Tea:                              3 grams

    Steeping Time:                        30s/30s/45s/45s/1m/1m

    # of Infusions:                                  1 rinse, 6 steeps

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