Harvest Location: Anxi, Fujian
Dry Leaves: Tightly Rolled
Flavor: Sweet honey note with a hint of floral taste
Aroma: Strong orchid fragrance
Liquor: Yellowish green


Tie Guanyin is a premium variety of Chinese oolong tea from Anxi in Fujian province. Tie Guanyin produced in different areas of Anxi have different characteristics. This fragrant oolong has a strong orchid aroma with a sweet honey note it the taste.

Tieguanyin - Fragrant

SKU: CO001
  • Vessel: Gaiwan

    Water Amount: 6 ounces

    Water Temperature: 212 F

    Number of Infusions: 7-10

    Steeping Time: 1 rinse/10s/10s/15s/15s/30s/30s/30s


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