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Harvest Time: 2020 SpringHarvest Location: Yu Hua Dong, Mi Tuo Yan, Zhengyan, Wuyishan, Fujian, ChinaCultivar: QilanProcessing: Medium Roast Oolong Qilan is also known as 'Rare Orchid'.  This Qilan was harvested in the spring of 2020 in Yu Hua Dong, one of the 72 caves located in Zhengyan, a special region in the core of Wuyishan .  The Zhengyan region is a UNESCO-World Cultural Heritage protected site. Teas from the Zhengyan region are highly sought for their true representation of Cliff Teas.  Pesticides are not permitted within the zhengyan region.  This Qilan has a lingering floral sweetness perfectly balanced with a savory nuttiness derived from the slow, long charcoal roast, leaving a lasting impression on your palette.

Zhengyan Qilan (8 gram packet)

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