April  2021

Teas must be ordered before Friday, March 19th


Hei Cha

  • Liu Bao - Group Meeting on 4/4, 11 am
  • Liu An -  Group Meeting on 4/11, 11 am
  • Fu Zhuan -  Group Meeting on 4/18, 11 am
  • Tian Jian - Group Meeting on 4/25, 11 am




May 2021

Teas must be ordered before Friday, April 16th 


Hong Cha

  • Jin Jun Mei  Group Meeting on 5/2, 11 am
  • Yesheng Hong Cha -  Group Meeting on 5/9, 11 am
  • Dancong Hong Cha -  Group Meeting on 5/16, 11 am
  • Dian Hong -  Group Meeting on 5/23, 11 am




June 2021

2021 Spring Harvest Green Tea

  • Tea SelectionTBD





  • Free shipping within the USA
  • 4 varieties of true-origin, high-quality tea (10 grams of each)
  • Admission to weekly tea sessions with Tasting Together, where one of the teas will be discussed weekly with other like-minded tea enthusiasts
  • Free NYTS Membership
  • 10% discount on all future tea purchases at the Tea Market at NYTS while subscription is active
  • Invitations to exclusive NYTS Virtual Discussions featuring global leaders in the tea market





NYTS Tea Club is designed for tea lovers who have been searching for a like-minded group of tea enthusiasts to brew, discuss, and share tasting notes on the same true-origin, high-quality teas.


When you subscribe to the NYTS Tea Club, you will be invited to join a free weekly virtual tea session with the 'MyTeaPal NYTS Club' Facebook Group, where members will review their tasting notes and discuss critical details about the tea such as;

  • harvest regions
  • harvest seasons
  • picking standards
  • cultivars
  • tea processing methods
  • tea aromas
  • tea flavors
  • brewing methods


All the teas included in your monthly box selection are sourced with the knowledge that the teas will be analyzed in detail by tea enthusiasts like yourself.

NYTS Tea Club

Price Options
One-time purchase
3 Months
auto renewal for 3 months
$22.50monthly/ 3 months
6 Months
auto renewal for 6 months
$20.00monthly/ 6 months

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