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Harvest Time: 2020 Spring

Harvest Location: San Yang Feng

Cultivar: Laocong Shuixian


This Laocong Shuixian is notable for several reasons. It was harvested from 50-year-old trees in the Spring of 2020 from Sang Yang Feng (Three Up Peak), one of the prized regions within the core area of Wuyishan, referred to in China as ZhenYan (Original Rock'). Teas grown in this region are of exceptionally high quality. The mountains create a humid microclimate with year-round rain, the soil is rich in minerals and no pesticides are allowed to be used within this region.  

Laocong translates to old bush. The laocong shuixian tea leaves are harvested from old trees. Laocong trees are limited in quantity for two reasons; Laocong trees naturally produce a smaller yield than younger trees. Farmers prefer to plant younger trees because they can get a larger yield, leaving fewer laocong trees every year The area of San Yang Feng is minimal, limiting the number of tea trees that can be grown in this region.

Zhengyan Lao Cong Shui Xian (8 gram packet)

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