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Harvest Date: 2023

Harvest Location: Fenhuang Shan, Guandong

Dry Leaf: Roasted strip curls

Flavor: Apricot and honey

Aroma: Orchards


Dancong Hong Cha is a red tea produced in Fenghuang Shan, Guandong Province, China, a region traditionally famed for its floral, fruity dancong teas. It is made from tea leaves harvested from the Mi Lan Xiang varietal. This Dancong Hong Cha showcases those same floral aromas and honey notes with even less astringency and a richer body. This red tea is pleasantly unique in comparison to other red teas.

Fenghuang Dancong Hong Cha

  • Vessel: Gaiwan

    Tea Amount: 5 grams

    Water Amount: 110ml

    Water Temperature: 212 F

    Steeping Time:


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