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Harvest Location: Jinggu, Yunnan

Harvest Date: April 2019

Dry Leaf: Full bud, fully oxidised

Flavor: Nutty, smooth & rich
Liquor: Clear, deep golden






Dian Hong  is a Chinese black tea which is used as a relatively high end gourmet black tea. The main difference between Jin Ya Dian Hong and other Chinese black teas is the amount of fine leaf buds, or "golden tips," present in the dried tea.  Dianhong has an intense reddish brown color.  It tastes smooth and deep. It has a substantial body and a lingering earthy aroma.







Jin Ya Dian Hong

SKU: B003M
  • Amount of Tea: 5 grams

    Amount of Water: 100ml 

    Water Temp: 195 F

    Brewing style: Gongfu

    Brewing Time: No Rinse/10s/20s/30s/40s/50s/1m