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Dayuling is considered the “cream of the crop” of Taiwan’s prestigious High mountain Oolongs. It has a wonderful fragrance and taste – a lightly oxidized Oolong tea with a refreshing palate that is sought after by the most demanding tea connoisseurs. Dayuling is produced in limited quantities and is one of the most prized teas of Taiwan. 


Harvest Date: Winter 2016

Growing Region: Hehuan Mountain, at the intersection of Nantou, Taichung, Hualian Counties, Taiwan

Elevation: 2,500 m ((8,202 ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal:  Ching Xin

Grade: AAAA

Farming Methods: Natural farming techniques, hand picked, low pesticide

Production: Ball rolled Oolong


SKU: T005
  • Amount of Water:                         110 ml

    Water Temperature:                   195°F

    Amount of Tea:                              3 grams

    Steeping Time:                        30s/30s/45s/45s/1m/1m

    # of Infusions:                                  1 rinse, 6 steeps

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