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Harvest Date: End of March/ early April Growing

Harvest Region: Wuling Mountain, Hunan Elevation: 1200m (3,937ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Seed Growing Fuding Xiao Ye

Production Methods: Plucking – Frying – Rolling – Creating tips – Baking and Drying

Dry Leaf Color: Silver/White

Shape/Size: Spiral curly

Brewed Tea Color: Green

Aroma: Fresh fruity fragrance

Taste: Mellow sweet aftertaste


Grown at an impressive elevation of 1,200 meters (3,937 feet), this High Mountain Bi Luo Chun tea is a rare and exceptional find. It is hand-picked and cultivated using organic, pesticide-free, and natural farming methods. This commitment to purity ensures that each sip is both safe and delicious.



Bi Luo Chun is celebrated as one of China’s Top Ten Famous Teas. Harvested in early spring, only the most tender tea buds and leaves are selected. The tea leaves form a spiral, curly shape and are adorned with delicate white tips, giving the dry leaves a distinctive silver-white hue.


When brewed, this tea reveals a beautiful green color and releases a fresh, fruity fragrance. The taste is characterized by a mild, mellow sweetness with a lingering sweet aftertaste that is both refreshing and satisfying.


Due to the high altitude, the harvest time for this tea is slightly later than that of lower-elevation gardens, allowing for the development of its unique flavor.



2024 Bi Luo Chun

Size: 1 ounce
  • Tea Amount: 3g

    Water Amount: 150ml teacup

    Water Temperature: 85°C/185°F

    Steeping Time: 1m/1.5m/2m

    # of Infusions: 3-4 


    1. Fill fairness piture with 50ml of 185F water
    2. Gently put in 3gr tea
    3. Steep for 1.5 min
    4. Strain out into a drinking glass
    5. Do not pour out all the liquid.  Allow the brewed tea to stay slightly covered with the brewed liquid
    6. Repeat 3 more times, increasing steeping time after each brew


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