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Harvest Date: Early April 2024

Harvest Location: Anji, Huzhou, Zhejiang

Cultivar: Baiye Yihao

Elevation: 1300m (4265ft)

Estate Name: Zhou Wu Shan Tea Garden

Farming Methods: Handpicked. Natural tea farming – EU Compliant Production Methods: Plucking – slight withering – Frying – Rolling – Drying

Dry Leaf: Whitish green, small 2 leaves plus bud

Flavor: Refreshing, green, vegetal, slightly sweet

Liquor: Pale green


Experience the exceptional quality of Anji Bai Cha, harvested from a pristine high mountain tea garden in Anji County at an elevation of 1,300 meters (4,265 feet).


Anji Bai Cha means Anji White Tea, although it is a green tea, not a white tea.  The term white refers to the whitish color of the young sprouts of the baiye yihao varietal. 



The high elevation of the tea garden where this material is harvested ensures a later harvest, beginning a few weeks after lower-altitude gardens. This brief harvesting window, lasting only 7 to 10 days, captures the tender white tea shoots before they quickly turn green. This tea was grown using natural farming techniques, meaning no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used, ensuring it is a pure and natural product.



Anji Bai Cha is renowned for its soft, floral, and creamy flavor. The taste is smooth and mellow, with a delightful sweet aftertaste and no bitterness or astringency, even in the last sip. 








2024 Anji Bai Cha

    • Water Temp: 180°F
    • Water Amount: 150ml
    • Tea Amount: 3g
    • Steeping Time: 1m/1.5m/2m/3m
    • # of Infusions: 3-4 infusions 
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