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Place of Origin: Najiao Village, Mengku, Yunnan
Vintage: 2020 Spring
Tea Varietal: Camellia sinensis var assamica
Harvest Time: End of March
Flavor: Thick, mellow, sweet aftertaste
Liquor: Clear golden-yellow liquid


Najiao is one of the small villages in the east part of Mengku Mountain. In Bingdao, the Mengku ancient tea mountain is divided into east and west part, and each has its own characteristics. Najiao is the representative of the east mountain. There is over 1000mu of ancient tea garden currently preserved in Najiao. The cultivation of the big-leaf tea variety has a long history in Najiao. Lahu Minority has been growing it for more than 500 years.



2020 Najiao Maocha

  • 5-8 gr of tea per 150 ml boiling water, 1 rinse, 5 second infusions, up to 20 infusions

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