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Harvest Location:  Anhua, Hunan Province

Harvest Date: 2019

Cultivar: Da Ye


Fu Zhuan Hei Cha is a dark tea produced in Hunan and Shaanxi, China. Traditionally, it was harvested in Anhua, Hunan, and transferred to Jingyang, Shaanxi to be processed because of the difficulties and complexity of the production.  Fu Zhuan is the most complex and unique dark tea. 


Today, Anhua producers have learned how to produce Fuzhuan Hei Cha and today’s Fuzhuan is mostly from Anhua, Hunan. After processing, including 'piling', the leaves are encouraged to wither and ferment, compressed into brick form. 'Golden Flowers' are the unique characteristic of Fu Zhuan Hei Cha. Probiotic microorganisms mingle with the leaves, changing their aroma, flavor, and appearance. It is full-bodied, with an earthy aroma and a lightly sweet, floral, smooth taste.

2019 Anhua Fuzhuan

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