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Tea Master: Lin Gui De

Place of Origin: Fuding

Vintage: 2011 

Size: 357g per cake

Harvest Time: May 2011

Cultivar: Fuding Dabai

Flavor:    Mellow and sweet with a lingering aftertaste
Dried leaves: Compressed large brown leaves
Liquor: Bright Orange
Brewed Tea Leaves: Large loose brown tea leaves


Shou Mei is a white tea that is produced from naturally withered upper leaf and tips, with a stronger flavor reminiscent of lighter Oolong teas. It is mostly grown in the Fujian Province in China. Because it is plucked later than Bai Mudan, it is darker in color and have a proportionate green color, making a darker brew with more depth.  This Aged Shou Mei White Tea cake was produced by Tea Master Lin Gui De in late Spring of 2011, in Taimu Shan, Fuding. 

2011 Aged Shou Mei Cake

SKU: W001M
  • Gaiwan: 150ml
    8 Grams Tea

    1 Rinse
    7 steeps : 10s,20s,30s,40s,60s,90s,120s