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Name: 1995 Wild Arbor Ripe Puerh Tea
Place of Origin: Menghai, Yunnan
Tea Varietal: Semi-wild Arbor Tea Trees

Vintage: 1995
Harvest Time:    Early April

Flavor: Smooth, complex, fragrant.

Dried leaves: Curl, fat in dar

Liquor: Bright red

Brewed Tea Leaves: Large leaves in brownish auburn.
Production Methods:    Plucking--pan firing-rolling-drying under the sun-packing-wo-dui-aging


Produced by China state-owned tea factory in 1995 and dry stored in Kunming since then. There is no touch of bitterness to this ripe tea. The wild ancient arbor tea large leaves were harvested in Menghai to make this wonderful tea. The aroma is strong and high. The taste is full and complex and stays in the mouth after drinking. The tea soup is a perfect burgundy color that is ultra-clear. An excellent aged ripe tea stored in the cleanest of conditions!


1995 Menghai Wild Arbor Ripe Puerh

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