This tea made from full buds picked before Qingming from a high mountain area.  “Wu Yuan” refers to it’s producing area Wu Yuan county.The word “mao” means hair, or fur. It refers to the silvery downy hairs that cover the tea bud.  The word “Jian” refers to the tippy end of a tea bud.


Harvest Location: Wu Yuan, Jiang Xi Province

Harvest Time: Spring (Early April)

Dry Leaf: Yellowish green buds covered with white fur.

Flavor: Refreshingly sweet, grassy flavor

Wu Yuan Maojian

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  • Put 3 grams of tea leaves in a small glass pitcher aka, fairness cup or chahai, and then fill with 6 ounces of 170 F temperature water.

    Steep about 2 minutes before straining, allowing some water to stay in the glass with the leaves and brew a second time when ready.


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