Purchase includes;

~1 Hour Tea Tasting - GROUP

    (Scheduled for Sunday, August 15th at 4:00 PM)

~Three Chinese True- Origin Teas

     (Shipping Included within the USA)

     ~Lu'an Guapian Green Tea (7 gr)    

     ~Fenghuang Dancong Oolong (7 gr)

     ~Dian Hong (7 gr)



We will taste each of these teas while learning the brewing techniques which allow for maximum flavor and aroma.  We will discuss how oxidation has effected the color, aroma, and taste of these teas.


We will also be discussing;

  • true origin regions
  • cultivars
  • harvesting times
  • picking standards
  • processing
  • local culture




Step 1: Purchase this 'Virtual Tea Tasting' so that we can ship the teas to you right away.

Step 2: Download Zoom onto your PC, laptop, or phone:

                FREE ZOOM DOWNLOAD

               You will receive a Zoom link to the Virtual Tea Tasting with your order




We ask that you be prepared to join the Virtual Tea Tasting 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time with your *tea brewing set up in front of you.


*Minimum Set-Up Needed - NOT INCLUDED

Electric Water Kettle

GaiwanTea Cup

Fairness Pitcher

Tea Tray or Table Runner/Tea Bowl

Tea Towel


Optional Items


Tea Strainer

Tea Leaf Scoop/Holder




If needed, Beginner Gongfu Tea Sets are available for purchase at The Tea Market at New York Tea Society.


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Oxidation's Effect on Tea


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