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About Avongrove Tea Estate:

In Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas, spread across two hillsides thickly populated with tea bushes on the crests and thick forest in the valleys, the beautiful Avongrove tea estate overlooks the Balasun River meandering along its course below. Avongrove manufactures tea the traditional way, nurturing every leaf from the time it is carefully hand-picked to when it is packed with pride as the finest Darjeeling. Teams of fifteen pluck different sections of the estate, taking care to ensure that the leaves are just the right size for the finest quality, handling plucked bundles gently so they don’t get crushed or ruptured. The processing factory is masterfully and constantly monitored by veteran managers, continuously tasting and making adjustments so a rich and lasting flavour is drawn. The various processes of withering or removing moisture, gentle rolling, oxidizing and finally firing of the leaf must be perfectly tuned as the optimum ratio differs from season to season and even day to day.


Our Avongrove Darjeeling is a second flush, the finest Avongrove cup.  It is a wonderful example of true Darjeeling flavor. It is gentle gold in color, smooth and flavorful.

Darjeeling - Avongrove Estate, 2nd Flush

SKU: I002
  • Amount of Water: 110 ml

    Water Temperature: 190°F

    Amount of Tea: 3 grams

    Steep: 2 minutes

    # of Infusions: 3

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