Bi Lu Chun is one of the most famous green teas in China, it means "Green Spring Snail" and is named by an emperor in seventeenth century because of its look. Our Bi Luo Chun comes from Suzhou province. To produce this tea, the leafs and buds are picked by skilled hands in the early spring. The tea has almost no broken leafs and the shape is "one bud two leafs" which is an ideal shape of the best quality green tea. The taste is light, sweet and pleasant with a hint of fruity fragrance.




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  • Fill a small glass pitcher aka, fairness cup or chahai, with 6 ounces of 170 F water and then put 3 grams of tea leaves into the water.  Steep about 2 minutes before straining, allowing some water to stay in the glass with the leaves and brew a second time when ready.



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